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Oh my gosh, y'all! 

A Thousand Little Devils is a Best Southern Gothic "Top Pick" for the 2024 Killer Nashville Claymore Award! 

The 2024 Killer Nashville Claymore Award Top Picks are a diverse collection of the top Claymore manuscripts of 2024, each offering a unique literary journey. These manuscripts, based on the first fifty pages of unpublished works at the time of submission, are the equivalent of the Claymore Award Semifinalists with winners being announced in August. The categories for submission include Best Action Adventure, Best Comedy (Includes Comedic P.I. and Crime Caper), Best Cozy, Best Historical, Best Investigator (Includes Procedural, Serious P.I., Detective, and Noir), Best Juvenile/Y.A., Best Literary, Best Mainstream/Commercial, Best Mystery, Best Non-Fiction, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Best Short Story Collection/Anthology (Awarded to Individual Author or Collection Editor), Best Southern Gothic, Best Supernatural, Best Suspense, Best Thriller, and Best Western. 

Congratulations to all of the authors who were selected as a "Top Pick" and many thanks to Killer Nashville for sponsoring this opportunty and to the judges for their time in reading the entries and making their selections.

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Mysteries and Thrillers

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